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What is Tattoo?
'Tattooing can be beautiful, Exhilarating ,Can open a whole new world for you ..'
Some things to look for :
-Style (realistic, black & grey work, tribal, etc.)
-Placement on your body
-Ideas for images
-Size in proportion to your body
-Artists whose work you like.

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Does it hurt? The first question because it’s usually the first question that people ask. The answer is yes. Having needles pierce your skin does hurt. But what you really want to know is, “How much does it hurt, and can I handle it?”
It’s not nearly as bad as what you might imagine. The pain comes from the cluster of needles on the tattooing machine piercing your skin very rapidly. This sensation, however, doesn’t feel like the poking pain of an injection it’s more of a constant vibration. You will be amazed at how quickly your body releases endorphins, (pain killers), which dullens the pain significantly.
The pain will also vary according to where on your body you get worked on. Skin right above bones (collarbone, anklebone, etc.) tend to be more painful than other areas. In addition, certain types of needles seem to hurt more than others. I personally think the needles used for outlining produce a sharper, more noticeable pain, while the needles used for shading seem to be much more like an electrical buzz (nearly painless).
Remember, you are volunteering for the experience. The amount of pain will depend on your psychological attitude. And Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs for pain relief purposes prior to your tattoo sessions. Both aspirin and alcohol thin your blood and promote excessive bleeding. Aspirin also decreases the clotting of blood, which will slow down your healing as well. In addition, artists do not appreciate dealing with drunks and is illegal in many states...
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Why do I want one? People get tattoos for different reasons. Is it to please your partner? Is it because you want to belong to a group that has tattoos? Do you identify with a certain subculture known for tattoos? Do you want to show your independence, individuality or uniqueness? These are all valid reasons, and why many people get tattooed. Such as Do you want a tattoo of a tiger because your partner’s nickname is “Tiger,” and you love the way s/he scratches your skin? Do you think you’ll be with this person in five years? If not, how will you look at that tattoo? With fond memories, symbolizing a special period in your life? Or a shameful or painful reminder of somebody who hurt you and didn’t care for you?
Where can i find a good artist, and what should i look for in tattoo artist? Looking for an artist can be as easy as checking the Yellow Pages, or as complex as checking references, magazine photos. There are a number of ways to find good artists, including (but certainly not limited to) Perusing tattoo magazines. While not all tattoo magazines are of the National Geographic quality, the photos will speak for themselves. Some issues highlight specific artists’ works; a good way see the type of work someone does. Use the photos in the tattoo collection to compare with those of the artist you are interested in. These tattoos collections have done a lot to show what is possible.

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